Saturday, 17 December 2011

Morning Surprise

Well its has been far too long since my last post so its about time I get started again. I got nice wee surprise this morning when I was emailed by a company in America about my blog!! MY BLOG!!! Even considering my blog is about 10 months behind!!! The company is called Risingtaste  and they have a wide range of fantastic clothes, shoes and accessories and I have already spent any Christmas money i may get :) Below are a few of my favourite  pieces

This cute little purple woollen coat is just $37.69!!! 

This stunning one shoulder maxi dress is an amazing $12.93!!!

And these funky wedges are $25.87!!

So ladies, take a look on the website, they have something to suit EVERYONE!!!
Happy Shopping!!!
All pictures are from the Risingtaste website. 

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